Artist in Schools

Peter leads creative mosaic workshops relating to the syllabus in Key Stages 1, 2 & 4 of the National curriculum. He encourages children through the process of design and the techniques of mosaic.

St. Patricks Mosaic Tree (2008)

Peter was commissioned in 2008 to create a mosaic for an exterior wall for St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School in North London.

The Journey of St Patrick was the chosen theme and the 9 metre mosaic was created and installed by the school community.

"Peter is a very gifted designer and uses his imagination to envision any project. The children remember him and say how much they enjoyed the experience of working with clay and mosaics."

Margaret Harvey, Chair of Governors, St. Patricks School, Kentish Town, North London

St Teresa’s Playground Mosaic (2007)

Peter was commissioned to design and install a playground mosaic inspired by the school motto. He worked with all year groups and together they achieved a vibrant exterior wall for everyone to enjoy.

"Peter’s expertise and experience supported the pupils’ ideas and development of new skills. The resulting mosaic is a wonderfully vibrant addition to our outside space."

Mrs. N. Stevens, Headteacher, St. Teresa’s School, Rochford, Essex

Queen Boudica Mosaic Planters (2010)

The Head teacher of Queen Boudica School, invited Peter to design and create large mosaic garden planters.

"Peter fulfilled the design brief and produced with the children a bespoke art installation which is both striking and eye-catching. We are delighted with the results."

Craig Duncan, Headteacher, Queen Boudica Primary School, Colchester

Mildmay Mosaic Courtyard Garden (2005)

An artist commission to work with garden designer Bella D’Arcy Reed to create a mosaic gecko and rock pools for a new courtyard garden.

"Peter's work is a delight in the interweaving of colours and shapes, responding directly to the brief with empathy and originality He is always within budget and on time, and takes a full part in the installation. There, he is concise with his requirements and is happy to supervise the work, and he is a real pleasure to work with."

Bella D'Arcy Reed, Garden Designer, Writer

Ramsey College Seat (2010)

A Creative Partnerships commission involving Year 10 students at Ramsey College, in Halstead, Essex. Design inspired by the work of Gaudi and executed with students studying art at GCSE.

"It was so satisfying working with the young people on this project, seeing a neglected area being transformed to a useful space. When I revisited students had claimed the seat as theirs and were treating it with respect."

Colne Engaine Memorial Mosaic (2014)

Peter was approached by the Head Teacher of Colne Engaine Primary School to create an exterior memorial mosaic, for a much loved member of staff. It had to be fun and bright and involve the whole school in its design and making, from the nursery to year six.

"This project was a complete honour to be involved with, and to be able to inspire young people to create this lasting vibrant memorial."

St Giles Roman Mosaic (2013)

As part of St. Giles School Gt. Maplestead project on The Romans, Peter was invited to lead a workshop with pupils who created their own Roman Mosaic.

"This workshop gave the pupils a hands on approach to understanding the skills needed to create a Roman mosaic."

Wimbish Entrance Mosaic (2013)

The Head of Wimbish Primary School commissioned this mosaic for the foyer of the school. Every pupil from the school made their own individual pottery tile which placed together created the final unique design.

"A truly handmade bespoke pottery mosaic for all the pupils to be proud of."